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Women in Water & Natural Resources Conservation (WWANC) is a native Kenyan NGO, committed to improving lives across a dynamic and developing Western Kenya. Informed by over seven years of experience and deep local expertise, our programmes address critical issues affecting Kenyan women, youth and children along the lines of governance and law, economic development, women empowerment, environment, and regional cooperation. WWANC’s programmes are based on four pillars namely health, education, economic empowerment and rights & governance. Founded in 2007 and registered in 2012 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), the main goal of WWANC is to improve the life standard of women, girls, and other vulnerable children through promotion of accessibility to proper education, health service, and capacity building for economic empowerment. Despite Kenya’s government efforts to improve the socio-economic status of people, still, poverty remains a major challenge especially for the majority of women and children living in the rural part of Western Kenya. They lack adequate access to education, health services as well as financial and technical assistance for socio-economic and professional advancement. As a result, they become vulnerable to chronic poverty indicated by high maternal and infant deaths, early pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections including HIV and AIDS and income poverty.WWANC works with like-minded agencies that serve the interests of women and children.


To identify, improve and integrate women lead households in transforming their community through health, education, and entrepreneurship.


To be an informed, just, healthy and economically sustainable society.